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Getting arrested or charged with a crime can be a frightening and confusing experience with very serious consequences. Sheldon Wisener has been defending clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges and has conducted trials in all levels of court. He was called to the Bar in 1986, and is a former Director of the Criminal Lawyers Association of Ontario. Sheldon Wisener was appointed to the Personal Rights Panel of the Office of the Children's Lawyer in 2003, and is a member of the Board of Directors of York Region Law Association. Mr. Wisener has been a part-time Assistant Crown Attorney since 1999, and is highly respected by judges, crown attorneys, and colleagues.

Sheldon Wisener is dedicated to fighting aggressively on your behalf and approaches each case as if it is his only case.

He has successfully defended persons charged with virtually every type of criminal offence including attempted murder, aggravated assault, domestic assault, assault with a weapon, sexual assault, robbery, break and enter, theft, fraud and drug trafficking for over 25 years. 


Our office is located in Thornhill, but we regularly attend courts in:








Oshawa and throughout southern Ontario.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Newmarket weed charge

By Stephanie G.FAQ
Hi there, On behalf of a friend who was just arrested for weed possession, he needs a lawyer in the Newmarket area. Do you have experience in defending young adults with drug related charges.   ...AnswerThank you for reaching out.   Getting charged for weed possession is a serious offence and if the charges stick, it will have negative implications on your friend's life for many years to come. For ...

defense lawyer for drug charges Markham

By SailorFAQ
Hi, my son is a good kid, but he got mixed up with the wrong crowd and has gotten himself into some trouble with the law.  He is in a situation which involves drugs, and I’m looking for a lawyer ...AnswerHi Mark, Sorry to hear your family is going through this, but you are not alone. Over the past 30 years I have helped many young offenders facing drug charges. I can absolutely help you, and together we ...

Experienced criminal defense lawyer in Markham

By SailorFAQ
Hi there my friend is in dire need of a criminal defense lawyer in Markham. Are you accepting new clients? how much do you typically cost?AnswerThank you for your inquiry. Yes,  we practice criminal defense law in Markham and throughout the GTA.  We are happy to meet with you for a free consultation. Please call our office at 905-886-9535 ...

Criminal defense lawyer for Marijuana possession

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy MeisterFAQ
Hi there, I was recently charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. I am out on bail and need a defense lawyer with experience in drug related charges. Can you help I am in Markham. AnswerThank you for your for your inquiry.  We have a proven track record of representing clients charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in Markham and throughout the GTA. These are very ...

What should I wear to court?

You should dress for court as you would for the most important job interview of your life.  It is important to present the best image you can to the court, prosecutor, judge and jury.  Do not wear torn jeans, sweatpants, tank tops, shorts or flip flops.  Your future ...

Criminal Defence Lawyer Installment Payments

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Criminal Defence Lawyer Installment Payments   I am in the need of hiring a criminal defence lawyer. There are many lawyers in york region and the GTA but few have given me the option of an installment ...AnswerYes, Wisener Law does offer the option of paying for our criminal defence services in installments.   We will listen to your circumstances and arrange a payment plan if necessary, that will best suit ...

Newmarket Criminal Defence Lawyer

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Newmarket Criminal Defence Lawyer - How long will my case take?    In need of a defence lawyer, does your firm offer services in the Newmarket area?   Also, how long will my case take? ...AnswerThe length of any case depends on the complexity of the matter, whether you have been charged alone or together with other people, and whether the matter will likely result in a trial.   Some cases ...

Criminal Defence Lawyer Fees Newmarket

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Criminal Defence Lawyer fees Newmarket   I am in need of a criminal defence lawyer in the Newmarket area.  What are the typical criminal defence lawyer fees?   What will my ...AnswerEach case is different and our criminal defence fees are based on the complexity of the case and the amount of time spent representing you.   We will ask you to provide an initial retainer, and then ...

Dropping Domestic Assault Charges in Ontario

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Dropping Domestic Assault Charges in Ontario    I have been charged with domestic assault. My partner wants the charges dropped.  My partner has called the police in order to have the domestic ...AnswerWhen it comes to convincing the crown attorney to withdraw a domestic assault charge, it is best if your partner hires their own lawyer who will represent their interests before the court.   This ...

York Region Notary

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
York Region Notary   I am need of a notary in order to certify some documents, is this a service your firm provides. I live within York Region and noticed that you service this area. AnswerYes, we notarize documents as a courtesy to our clients.    Wisener Law can offer notary services in the province of Ontario, as well as advice and services associated with the following:   ...

Police at my door, do I have to let them in?

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Police at my door, do I have to let them in?   The police have come to my door and want to come inside to talk.   Do I have to let them in? AnswerNo. If the police are at your door, they are not allowed to enter your home unless you invite them in, if  they have a search warrant or if they have reasonable and probable grounds to believe that ...

Changing bail terms and conditions Ontario

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Changing Bail Terms and Conditions Ontario   I was released on bail with a number of terms and conditions and I would like to change them.   How would I go about changing my bail terms and conditions ...AnswerWe routinely meet with the Crown Attorney to negotiate a change in the terms of our clients' bail if the circumstances have changed.  If the Crown Attorney agrees, this is referred to as a consent ...

Surety Responsibilities Ontario

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Surety Responsibilities Ontario   What Kinds of responsibilities does a surety have in the province of Ontario?   Does a surety have to pay my bail? AnswerHaving the responsibility of being a surety in the province of Ontario is a serious and important role. A surety becomes responsible for a person accused of a crime. When it comes to whether or not a surety ...

Surety Bond Ontario

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Surety Bond Ontario    I was needing more information about what a surety and a surety bond is, what it entails and what it means to me if I am ever involved in such a situation.AnswerA surety is a person who will guarantee to the court that you will abide by the conditions of your release. In certain cases, such as domestic assault, you may be required to live with your surety until ...

Do I have to Take a Breathalyser Test Canada

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Do I have to Take a Breathalyser Test in Canada?   The Police have stopped me and asked me to take a Breathalyser.   Do I have to cooperate?   What are the laws around breathalyser tests ...AnswerWhen a police officer stops you and asks you to take a breathalyser, yes it is always best to cooperate.   It is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada to refuse to blow into the Breathalyser. ...

Show Cause Bail York Region

By Wisener Law | Criminal DefenceFAQ
Show Cause Bail York Region   I have been told that I will be "Show Caused."   What does that mean and what happens next?   What kind of help and advice is available to me in York reg ...AnswerWhen you are told that you will be "Show Caused" it means that you will be held for a bail hearing, and will be brought before the court where the Crown attorney will have to prove to the court why you ...

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